The existence of machinery and tools have eased our lives and provided several benefits, without which our lives would be obsolete. Among many such types of machinery, one such underrated one is a car lift.

Car lifts are car elevators primarily designed to transport a vehicle vertically to another platform. Due to their increased demand in the automobile market, several types are mainly used in mechanic shops and car inspection garages.

Car lifts are also used in making the required tunings. Since the area beneath a car/vehicle is inaccessible on the ground, car lifts can help shift them to a higher platform for cleaning, tuning, and other purposes. Nowadays, many mechanic shops, garages, and cleaning services often own different types of car lifts.

Types of car lifts

Depending on their uses, there are eight different types of car lifts. However, in this article, we have mentioned the top 3 car lifts based on their frequency of use.

Two post lifts

Although two post lifts are mainly predominant in the autosports arena, fixing them in a garage is possible. This type of car lift provides a vast area of exposure, which enhances work efficiency. These are used for smaller cars, minivans, etc.

It consists of two posts, which are in the form of pillars. These posts further comprise two projecting arms that act as a point of attachment to lift a vehicle. Their lifts are of two types:

  • Symmetrical lifts: The arms face each other on the posts in these lifts. This helps in maintaining the center of gravity of a vehicle when it is lifted
  • Asymmetrical lifts: These lifts generally bring the entire vehicle to the center, providing better interior access.

Four post lifts

As the name suggests, these lifts have four sturdy posts capable of lifting small and large-sized automobiles. It has a rectangular base, which is present for the vehicle’s movement along the four posts. Due to their sturdy and complex structure, they are used in the elevation of even bigger vehicles. Apart from repairs, these are also used in remote parking spaces.

Scissor lifts

Scissor lifts are mainly used in auto garages to lift vehicles of smaller mass. They mostly contain two separate platforms supported by rectangular levers designed in a zigzag manner. These lifts are generally attached to the base of a garage and can also be in different forms. Due to the presence of separate platforms, they are used in the elevation of various vehicles. The levers underneath run on the hydraulic mechanism and are usually charged electrically.

Most of the scissor lifts are portable and are accompanied by smooth wheels. The type of vehicle it supports depends on the area of the base/ the accommodation platforms. While some support smaller vehicles without including the wheels, other designs support the elevation of an entire vehicle.